Our Story

Meet Chef Diana and her fiance & business partner Gabriel. They fell in love while planting their first garden together. Their commitment and respect for each other and for the environment is the cornerstone of their partnership.

Chef Diana grew up in Lancaster County, PA and has a rich agricultural family history in the area. Diana’s ancestors were Quakers who arrived in what is now Pennsylvania, in the seventeenth century. Diana’s grandfather Jim was born on the family farm in Sugartown, PA. Diana’s mother Janet was the first Smedley not born on the farm.

Gabriel and Diana’s vision is to get back to the land and help others do the same.

Our Core Values

We’re helping create a sustainable, local food system here in Lancaster County, PA.

We're passionate about Education; teaching our community about where their food comes from, and inspiring families to cook & eat seasonally together.

We curate and deliver the highest quality, local & organic foods and we're committed to delivering an exceptional Market Box experience.

We believe creative & sustainable business practices can help preserve and protect our local environment

We support local farmers, makers, artisans & producers

A rising tide lifts all boats... we believe in creating a community of good hearted helpers

Meet the Team

Chef Diana

Cofounder of Lancaster Local Provisions

She's passionate about food & our local environment. Diana's on a mission to get families cooking and eating seasonally together. She believes 'what grows together' and her market boxes & seasonal recipes are designed with this belief in mind.


Cofounder of Lancaster Local Provisions

He's passionate about helping relocalize the food system in Lancaster County and make local, nourishing food accessible and affordable. Gabriel believes we can use creative & sustainable business practices to protect and restore our local environment.

We promise to provide our members unparalleled support in the kitchen


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