Our Story

Meet Chef Diana and her fiance & business partner Gabriel. They fell in love while planting their first garden together. Their commitment and respect for each other and for the environment is the cornerstone of their partnership.

Chef Diana grew up in Lancaster County, PA and has a rich agricultural family history in the area. Diana’s ancestors were Quakers who arrived in what is now Pennsylvania, in the seventeenth century. Diana’s grandfather Jim was born on the family farm in Sugartown, PA. Diana’s mother Janet was the first Smedley not born on the farm.

Gabriel and Diana’s vision is to get back to the land and help others do the same.

Our Core Values


We’re Lancaster Local Provisions, a minimal waste, startup company on a grassroots mission to create a sustainable, local food system in Lancaster County, PA

We believe it’s important to know where our food is coming from, and how it’s made.

We work with over 100 organic & sustainable farms in Central PA and help support over two thousand acres of preserved farmland.  

Our Farm Partners

  • Are LOCAL.. within 200 miles of Central Pennsylvania
  • Use sustainable and regenerative farming practices
  • Use no, or low spray growing practices
  • Harvest at Peak Season Ripeness
  • Our meat is pasture raised, grass fed, hormone & antibiotic free; and there’s never any chemicals or fillers.

Meet the Team

Chef Diana


Diana grew up in Lititz, PA and attended high school at Linden Hall School for Girls. It was there that she fell in love with the arts and this inspired her to move to New York City to study art & design.  While attending the School of Visual Arts, Diana worked in the food industry. It was during this transformative time that Diana’s passion for food, photography and education aligned.

Diana is deeply passionate about Women's Education & Empowerment. She believes ‘What Grows Together, Goes Together’  and she's committed to teaching families how to cook and eat seasonally together.



Gabriel grew up in Queens, NY. As a child and young man he was disconnected from the land, but this would begin to change.

Gabriel began his studies at the school of Environmental Science & Forestry in Syracuse, NY.  Although we would leave this school to join a touring rock n roll band, his time there deeply shaped the values that he brings to this project.

Gabriel's background is in marketing and business development and has worked with several sustainable startup companies. Gabriel believes that we can solve our environmental problems by using creative and sustainable business practices.

We work with over 100 sustainable farms and local artisans in Central PA and help preserve over 2000 acres of preserved farmland... Join Us!


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